CATCH performance series

53rd State Press
Neal Medlyn
Jennie MaryTai Liu
Adrienne Truscott
Advanced Beginner Group
Half Straddle
Doctored Pictures
The Debate Society
Big Dance Theater
Katie Workum Dance Theater
National Theater of the United States of America
The Wau Wau Sisters
intermittent music
Young Jean Lee's Theater Company
Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson
Performance Thanatology Research Society
Jeanine Durning
Hannah Heller
Paige Collette
Jon Lundbom
Brett Beyer
Banana Bag & Bodice
The Butane Group
31 Down Radio Theater
Dixon Place
Movement Research
Soho Rep Writer/Director Lab
Nellie Tinder
Katy Pyle
Ivy Baldwin Dance
Cynthia Hopkins
John Moran and his Neighbor Saori
The Bushwick Hotel
Anna Sperber
Witness Relocation
The Theatre of a Two-headed Calf
Larissa Velez
Julianna May
Fantasy Grandma
Carmine Covelli
Dynasty Handbag
Eagle Ager
Jillian Pena
Sara Barron
Beth Kurkjian
Aaron Landsman
MGM Grand
Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson
Alex Escalante
Joseph Keckler
Jeff Larson
Miguel Guttierez and the Powerful People
Beth Portnoy

and of course...